Being {Mamma} Part II

The other day I was thinking about how I did things before baby and how I do things now. It’s amazing how much your life changes after having a baby. People tell you all the time that it will but you don’t realize it until you actually experience it yourself.  {i’m definitely not complaining with these comparisons; i was laughing as i wrote them.}

 Being Mamma is worth it all. :)

  1. You vowed to never go out in public without makeup. {not that I ever worn a ton but still} Now makeup is an after thought as you finish buckling baby into the car and climb into the driver’s seat.  For example, “Oh yeah, I don’t have anything on my face! Oh well….” Going back inside to put some on is never an option.
  2. Your shoes always matched what you wore. Now you wear your bright green flipflops everywhere because they are the only shoes you can put on while holding a baby, diaper bag, purse and other miscellaneous paraphernalia.
  3. Your hair was always clean, down, straightened or curled. Now when it’s air dried and down baby is always pulling on and eating it. Spit dried hair never looked good on anybody. Ponytails are da bomb. 
  4. You had plenty of time to polish your finger AND toe nails. Now you wear them nekkid. What’s nail polish? {although I have to say I did polish my nails last night after a month or so}
  5. Your eyebrows were always groomed and maintained. Now looking in the mirror makes you gasp and cry for your mom because they’ve taken over your entire forehead.
  6. You have plenty of time in the morning {or any other time in the day} to shower, do your makeup, do your hair, do your nails which makes you feel great and energized for the day. Now 2 minute showers and brushing your teeth makes you feel like you can conquer the world.

Happy Monday!


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