Oh My Word

There is no word today only a quote from Ben-Hur that was my absolute favorite. I found this part of the book fascinating as Ben-Hur and Belthasar {one of the 3 wisemen} converse back and forth as to whether Jesus’ is to have an earthly kingdom or a spiritual kingdom and who He is in general.  Ben-Hur is convinced that Jesus is going to have a literal kingdom on earth, conquering Rome, and is building an army for Him to use. Ben-Hur is motivated by his feeling of revenge. Belthasar on the other hand believes it is not a kingdom of earth but of heaven. He believes that Jesus is the Messiah, come to save the world, who has prepared a place for those who believe in Him. He says this:

What now, O son of Hur? Knowing so much, shall I dispute with myself or you about the unnecessaries — about the form of my soul? Or where it is to abide? Or whether it eats or drinks? Or is winged, or wears this or that? No. It is more becoming to trust in God. The beautiful in this world is all from His hand declaring the perfection of taste; He is the author of all form; He clothes the lily, He colors the rose, He distills the dewdrop, He makes the music of nature; in a word, he organized us for this life, and imposed its condition; and they are such guaranty to me that, trustful as a little child, I leave to Him the organization of my soul, and every arrangement for the life after death. I know He loves me.” {page 445}

First, I am reminded of this verse: “Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, he shall not enter therein.” {Mark 10:15}

Second, I think of how easy it is to be afraid of the unknown. This quote just reminds me how silly it is to be afraid of a future, an eternity, with God just because I don’t know all the particulars. Our finite minds probably couldn’t handle it anyway, but even if it could we don’t need to know. We need to trust that God, who takes care of us here on earth and promises to never leave or forsake us, is going to do the same in the future.  It’s going to be beyond anything we could ever think or imagine. Better than anything ever.  We will be with Jesus. Forever!


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