Baby girl sat herself up all by herself last night. All nonchalant like; as if she had been doing it forever. I was instantly so proud of her but then sad because now she’s going to be all independent and grown up and not need me anymore! Waaaaaa! Ok, moving on.

So glad to have had some cooler {although humid} days. They happened to be the ones where I had to do some running around. Hoping for rain this weekend!

Thankful for being able to swap clothes and share stuff with my sisters. So much fun!

Glad to have started playing piano more this week. It hasn’t been one of the things I’ve done lately so it’s been nice to sit down for 20 minutes to just play and practice.

Looking forward to taking my mom out to lunch this weekend and having some one on one time with her. so.excited.

What are your plans for the weekend?


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