Oh My Word

I must confess that I finished the book last night. A little impressed at myself for reading a “classic” that fast. Did you know that the ending is really different from the movies? I was surprised at that.  Definitely more drawn out and not as exciting as in the films {naturally}. I compiled one word from every chapter. For sake of time and so you won’t be sick of me I ‘m going to share two words per post.

Ennui: a feeling of utter weariness and discontent resulting from satiety or lack of interest. In simpler terms, boredom.  

She {Mrs. Weston, Emma’s governess} knew that at times she must be missed; and could not think, without pain, of Emma’s losing a single pleasure, or suffering an hour’s ennui, from the want of her companionableness: but dear Emma was of no feeble character; she was more equal to her situation than most girls would have been, and had sense and energy and spirits that might be hoped would bear her well and happily through its little difficulties and privations. And then there was such comfort in the very easy distance of Randalls from Hartfield, so convenient for even solitary female walking, and in Mr. Weston’s disposition and circumstances, which would make the approaching season no hindrance to their spending half the evenings in the week together. Emma, volume 1, chapter 2

Affability: pleasantly easy to approach and talk to; showing warmth and friendliness

The happiness of Miss Smith was quite equal to her intentions. Miss Woodhouse was so great a personage in Highbury, that the prospect of the introduction had given as much panic as pleasure—but the humble, grateful, little girl went off with highly gratified feelings, delighted with the affability with which Miss Woodhouse had treated her all the evening, and actually shaken hands with her at last! Emma, volume 1, chapter 3


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