Life Lately

 Baby girl is now drinking from a sippy cup. I got some cute non-disney, non-minnie mouse ones at KOHL’S the other day along with a super cute outfit for only $2 total for which I had a gift card. Can we say, scooooooore?

Been sewing with this machine for awhile now but haven’t cleaned it until the other day. After I took it apart I freaked out and just prayed that I could put it back together again! 

Yes, that is a picture of my fridge. Don’t judge me. One of the things I did lately was to clean this thing out. Is that a job or what? I was so into it and excited that it was done I forgot that I had a freezer. That’s next. This was before grocery shopping, can’t ya tell?

Been making lots of salsa this summer. This week I tried throwing in a fresh green chile instead of buying a can. It was hubby approved. :D

Yes, this little girl has two little bottom teeth poking through now. And I didn’t think she could get any cuter. *sigh*


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