Coffee, Cinnamon Rolls and God’s Word

     While hubby was at a mens prayer breakfast, I put baby girl down for her morning nap and warmed up my coffee and breakfast {I was going to eat earlier but it got cold…mom’s, you know how that is}. I grabbed my Bible, highlighters {and pens and pencils}, a notebook and the Strong’s concordance and took over the whole dining room table. I love the rush of excitement you get as you delve into the Word of God. There have been some verses I have really wanted to study and just haven’t made the time to do it. {I almost said “haven’t been able to” but is it just me or do we always find time to do what we really want to do?}In my own personalized read-through-the-Bible schedule I read and re-read Psalms and Proverbs while I go through the rest of the Bible. I love how the Bible is the only book you can read again and again and get something new each time.

Many word definitions are as is but then there are times when I think I know the meaning and it turns out to be completely different. Hubby and I have had conversations about the Hebrew language and how we almost feel like we are missing the full meaning of passages by not knowing it! It’s such a complex and meaningful language.

This morning this is what I read: “Enter not into the path of the wicked and go not in the way of evil men.”{Proverbs 4:14} First, I want to point out that “path” doesn’t just mean where you are walking. It’s your way of life and your manner of conduct. Secondly, “men” is in italics because it was not part of the original text but added for clearer understanding and flow. You may think to yourself, “Well of course I stay away from wicked and evil people.”You may also feel good about yourself because in all honesty you do! {and yes, we are definitely to stay away from such persons} But read the verse without “men and it will read, “go not in the way of evil.” It’s a little more convicting that way. You see, in context, the word “evil”means bad, disagreeable, disagreeable to God and inferior in quality.

Do we ever act disagreeable? Are our actions, words or thoughts ever disagreeable to God? Do we ever hang onto material possessions or worldly habits that are inferior to the quality of Christ?

Then read the next verse. “Avoid it, pass not by it, turn from, and pass away.” It doesn’t just say, “Oh, don’t be wicked.” It very clearly says four times in different words to have nothing to do with it. I’d say that is more than clear. The first thoughts that come to mind are these: Stay as far away as you can. Don’t ever go by it! If you do come across it, don’t stop to look just keep going. Or turn and go the opposite way.

So many times we rationalize {when I say we I mean I} sin or evil as it not being so bad. We slowly let the world’s influence infiltrate our lives until we find that we don’t look or live any different than the unbeliever.

A few weeks ago hubby wanted to get rid of some things that he felt the Lord’s leading on. Things that he felt would not influence our family toward the Lord but towards the world. I, sadly, argued because in my mind I had rationalized it down to, “it’s really not bad. It’s pretty much fine!”The Lord really dealt with my heart later on showing me that I need to 1) have respect for my husband even when I don’t agree, 2) not cling to the world or it’s possessions, 3) focus on the Lord and His ways. Seeing these two verses this morning reminded me of this situation.

This has gotten way longer than I ever planned but I want to wrap up with a few questions and a verse.

Do we see evil as God sees it?

Do we flee evil and wickedness?

“But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect light.” {Proverbs 4:18}

Fighting against our flesh is not easy. Knowing what you should do but wanting the complete opposite is a battlefield. {II Corinthians 10:3-6, Romans 7:19} But believer, our path is a shining light! I don’t want to wander off into the path of wickedness which is so dark you can’t see what it is that you’re stumbling on. {Proverbs 4:19}

We know which path we’d rather be on but which one do we actually walk/live on?


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