Soooo excited!

I’m sure you noticed that I now have a button.  I felt so computer savy using “code” to make it work. So much so that I immediately emailed my husband{who does lots of programming} at work to tell him how smart I had become. If it keeps changing it’s because I keep tweaking it or thinking of something else I want to do. I’ll get there, just hang on. If you are not sure how to set one up but would like to, check out this tutorial.  It helped me a lot.I can’t even tell you how excited I am to be sponsoring Apples of Gold! I have been following Becky’s blog since before she had her sweet baby girl. I was pregnant with my baby girl when I discovered it, so it was fun for me to read Becky’s thoughts on pregnancy and delivery.  I love how she shares her faith and what the Lord is teaching her. It has been super encouraging! So click on the ad below and go tell her hello!


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