Oh my word

As I was reading, I realized that if I had never seen the movie, Emma would really come off as such.a.snob. She still does a bit but it is more funny than annoying watching it on the screen. Mostly because I already know how her matchmaking backfires. I feel so bad for Harriet’s poor Mr. Martin. Don’t you?Ingratiating: charming; agreeable; pleasing.

{Emma speaking} On the contrary, I think a young man might be very safely recommended to take Mr. Elton as a model. Mr. Elton is good humoured, cheerful, obliging, and gentle. He seems to me, to be grown particularly gentle of late. I do not know whether he has any design of ingratiating himself with either of us, Harriet, by additional softness, but it strikes me that his manners are softer than they used to be. If he means anything, it must be to please you. Did not I tell you what he said of you the other day?” She then repeated some warm personal praise which she had drawn from Mr. Elton, and now did full justice to; and Harriet blushed and smiled, and said she had always thought Mr. Elton very agreeable.” {volume 1, chapter 4}


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