Oh Baby

This is what baby girl is up to these days. Crawling.Everywhere. You guys, I can’t keep her out of anything! Granted, it’s not like I wasn’t expecting it but….wow. It’s been hilarious watching her figure out the crawling thing. First she scooted, then did this frog scoot/roll, and finally crawling but with one leg sticking out off to the side.  I just put away her Boppy pillow only to have her rediscover it . As you can see, it’s become her new toy to push around.  She is also pulling herself up onto her knees with whatever she things is stable enough. Think is the key word. That’s why this Mamma is all over the place. I really do love it and can’t imagine a better job in the world. And at least I know she’ll be good at Pilates. She has the plank position down. :P


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