Happy 9 Months

This little girl is a pro at opening drawers{thank goodness, most of them are above her reach!}.

She has no desire to figure out how a sippy cup works.

She will only lay still for a diaper change if she is holding the clean diaper.

She is great at feeding herself finger foods.

She stands herself up on everything & can stand on her own for a few seconds.

Says “Ba,ba,ba,ba!” a lot….haven’t been able to change it to “Ma,ma,ma” yet.

She is a little social butterfly but good at entertaining herself at time too.

Blows raspberries & spits like crazy

Loves to play in the bathtub.

Signs “please” all the time. Even when I’m trying to teach her “thankyou.”

The list could go on and on of course.  Baby girl is such an amazing blessing and a wonderful part of our family! I just wonder everyday, Where has the time gone? 


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