Life Lately

Baby girl did super at her doctor visit. She didn’t even cry when she got her toe pricked. She was too fascinated with the band-aid on her big toe to worry about anything. Later when we got home, the band-aid was off her toe and nowhere to be found. For about 5 minutes I was totally convinced that my baby had swallowed a band-aid. Lo and behold it showed up on the kitchen floor a few minutes later. Must have been stuffed in her outfit somewheres…..eyiyi.

Last week I put some jeans on baby girl and she just laid on the floor and cried because they were so stiff she couldn’t figure out how to crawl! The ones in the photo below are much softer. The new edition to my kitchen collection. I shall never let it go. Seriously, what did I do with it? I want to use it everyday !Learning software and editing photos of baby girl. I spend waaaaaay to much time on it. She’s just SO cute I can’t help it!A nice surprise this week: 100% free chocolate!!! getinmymouthA few days ago baby girl woke up early from her nap and would not go back to sleep. So I put her in the front carrier {my rediscovered friend} and she was completely content hanging out there with her pacifier. She kept it in her mouth for like 20 minutes! She’s never been big on the paci so I was surprised. 

That’s all, folks!! Happy Wednesday to ya!


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