Project Fall: Book Wreath

This is not a full tutorial. For that, go to the lovely Emily’s blog here. I got my inspiration from her.

But here’s what I did:

After going to my mom’s house and being completely overwhelmed by the smell & sights of fall, I had the urge to decorate. I think this is the first year I really, really cared.  So after going home I started thinking how I could make a wreath and out of what.  If you didn’t know this by now, I am a big fan of usingwhatyouallreadyhavearoundthehouse for projects, unless it’s impossible. For that there is Hobby Lobby. So first off, I did not have a wreath form so I found something round that would suffice. Aka the metal frame from our clock {hubby took it off awhile back and I put it in my project cupboard because, well, you never know when you might need it for, oh I don’t know,  a wreath!}. Next, I didn’t have an old book to tear apart and I couldn’t bring myself to use old piano sheet music {it just seems wrong} so I used my husband’s outdated Airport Facility Directory {again something in my cupboard}. I think I should have entitled this post, the things that happen when you are completely crazed for some fall decoration. 

Oh, be prepared for black fingers and brace yourself against the many burns you will receive from hot glue. After awhile it kinda just drips slowly from the gun. I did not emerge unscathed.

I kept saying, “Ok, this is the last layer,” only to finish and think, “Noooo, it needs one more….” I did that around 3 times or so. I was going to add something fall-ish looking but decided I like the neutral look of it. I can change the color ribbon that it hangs from and use it year round that way. Happy Fall!


2 thoughts on “Project Fall: Book Wreath

  1. i think you did a great job! you are very funny. love that you use what’s laying around. my kind of gal;) excited to read more.

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