Surprises from my hubby. He got me a new super cool phone this past week as an early Christmas present. I was floored!! It finally arrived a few days ago and I am really enjoying it! 

Baby girl signs “please” all.the.time. {except when we ask her to demonstrate} It’s super adorable and there is a feeling of  satisfaction, I suppose, that she has learned some manners. Even at 9 months old. :)

Beautiful wonderful cool weather for walking in. Is this getting old? I still can’t believe summer is over but at the same time I’m SO welcoming the change. I actually wore a light sweater this morning. Also I am starting to drink hot coffee more again. Yay!

Hanging out with my siblings. It never is boring, that’s for sure! I love spending time with them.  Oh and watching them play with baby girl….*sigh*…. pretty much makes my heart melt.

Looking forward to spending time with my 1st youngest sister{in other words, the one most close to my age}. We get to eat food and watch movies and shop and walk and it’s gonna be great!

What are your plans for the weekend?


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