Project Fall: Garland and Pumpkins

For paper pumpkins 1 1/2 inch strips of paper from 12×12 card stock. For smaller pumpkins cut thiner strips and the length to whatever you want. I did 5 strips, you can always do more. Layer them over top one another like the photo below putting a drop of tape/hot glue, etc. between each one.  Then you do the same when you bring the ends together. Make sure you start with the strip on the very bottom and work your way up. Add a little curl of paper to the top for a pumpkin stem. And you’re done! I made a few different sizes.

For the garland I also used card stock. I didn’t really measure the triangles. I knew how big I wanted them, made a template and went from there. You need a whole punch {I don’t have one so had to do it the hard way} to string ribbon/string through. I printed my letters onto white card stock cut them out and taped them to the triangles, dragging the edges through some festive ink to give them some color. I love it!


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