10 months

Ten months ago today I was laying in a hospital bed waiting for baby girl to be born. Now I can’t believe she’s in the double digits! {until 1, that is} :P Yesterday was a rough one: noisy neighbor with power tools+nap cut short+messy house, you get the picture. I didn’t get anything accomplished except for voting and dinner. As I went to lay her down for the night she put her little cheek on mine and wrapped her arms around my neck. In an instant all that frustration and impatience just melted away. In those moments, I mean really, how important are the dishes? How vital is it that everything be spic and span? There is always tomorrow {cuz those dishes will not wash themselves, believe me}. But baby girl will continue to grow and change whether or not I take those moments of seemingly inconvenience to just hold and cherish her. Or give her an extra snack or spend more time playing on the floor with her when she is clingy. The moments have just flown by at an alarming rate and sometimes I stop and ask myself, am I enjoying this moment enough? Am I appreciating all the time I have with her? I know I need the Lord’s help every day but I am so thankful to Him for giving my husband and I such a beautiful gift.


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