In case you haven’t been following on Twitter, I’ve been posting what I’m thankful for every day. Here’s a recap of the first week and a half:

  • Abrielle (niece), Alivia (niece), apples, afternoons, acorns, amazing{grace}
  • {The} Bible, babies, brothers, bubbles, blue {sky}, brownies, butter, Benjamin {brother}
  • Chocolate, coffee, corn, children, cars, cloudy{days}
  • Thankful for Dads, donuts, devotions, daisies, dinner, drawing, dogs
  • Eternal life, Elephants, {the}elderly, Emmaline, Emily {my sister}, eggs, exercise, eyes, ears.
  • Thankful for Family, friends, fathers, fruit, fish, flowers, fellowship
  • God {my Heavenly Father}, growing, grace, gifts, girlfriends, grass
  • {The}Holy Spirit, heaven, {my} husband, health, hope, hugs, happiness.
  • Intercession, ice cream, ideas, internet,ice cubes.

As far as this week goes, I’ve been kinda sick but not really. Have a sore throat that doesn’t want to go away so lots of hot tea and water for me. But other than that, it’s been a good week. We got some rain yesterday and tomorrow is supposed to be cold. I can’t wait! Have any fun plans for the weekend? I think I’m just going to be catching up on my cleaning so feel free to come over and join me! :P




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