Oh My Word

 After finishing The Count of Monte Cristo, Emma and trying to read MiddleMarch, it was time for some lighter stuff. It only took me two days to read All Things New by Lynn Austin. All her books, in my opinion, are great. They always have such fantastic plots but also include the message of salvation clearly entertained throughout the story. This newest one is no different. It takes place in the town of White Oak, Virginia right after the end of the Civil War. I’m a big fan of historical fiction as well as just history itself so I was quickly drawn in. What really got me was how many different perspectives there were from the characters in the book. Former slaves learning what freedom means, plantation owners adjusting to the lack of wealth and prosperity, returned confederate soldiers who are shattered in mind and spirit, a Quaker from the north trying to make peace between the freedmen and the former masters, young women having to become used to doing things for themselves….. It was very believable and realistic. Like I said, it only took me two days to finish it it. I had a hard time putting it down especially when the dishes needed done. :P

Go check it out!


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