The Thankful Tree

Another inspiration from this lady here. When I saw this on her blog, I fell in love with the idea! Hers is probably a real tree but since I don’t have one I had to compromise. So on one of our walks with baby girl, I kept my eye out for sticks to use for my tree and  pine cones {more about that project another time}. I am thankful my husband didn’t make fun of me as I ran along, stopping here and there to check out sticks and twigs.

Here is the beginning of our “tree.”Emily has printable tags on her blog available for download or you can make your own. My color ink is on it’s way out so the color turned out funky.Our tree today! I think it this a really neat thing to do. I have been enjoying tweeting my list of things I’m thankful. However this is something, as a family, you can participate in together. I hope we can do it with baby girl when she gets older! One week till Thanksgiving!! Whoohoo!





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