This is week two of things I’m thankful for! Making lists like these sure do make you realize how blessed you are.

  • Jesus, Jessica{sister}, Josiah{brother}, Jill{sister}, Justin{brother}, Jaelynne{niece}, jobs, joy, jumping
  • {Skipped ahead a little for Vetern’s Day last Sunday} Thankful 4 our veterans who have sacrificed so much, even their lives, that I might live in a free country!
  • Kids, kisses, kool aid, kangaroos, knowledge
  • The Lord, love, life, leaves, listening, lemonade, leftovers, laughter, liberty, Lisa {sister}, Lucas {nephew}
  • Mothers, money, mayo, monkeys, mugs, moon, muffins, music, mountains
  • Nuts, names, noses, noise, neighbors, Noah {nephew}, nutmeg
  • Oatmeal, omelets owls, ovens, oil, ovals, outside
  • (Aunt) Patty, (Aunt) Paula, pancakes, pineapple, potatoes, prayer, peace, pine trees, pumpkin, people, piano, pie, privileges, patriots, Proverbs, Psalms, 1&2 Peter, privacy, Pinterest

Husband worked late so last night baby girl and I hung out with my family and had dinner with them. It was really fun. I can’t wait to do it again next week! I am SO excited. I think more so because this is baby girl’s first {I was 7 months pregnant with her last November} official Thanksgiving. I know she won’t remember it but I will!

This week has been a long one so we’re looking forward to the weekend over here! Got any plans?


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