Since Thanksgiving was yesterday, here is a week 3 recap as well as the rest of the alphabet. I’m probably going to be too busy stuffing my face & sleeping {food induced coma} to do any blogging. Oh and hanging out with family. :P Hope your holiday was most wonderful!

  • Quaker oats, quinoa, quiet, quotes, quarters, quarter notes
  • Redemption, the Resurrection of Christ, Rebekah {sister}, reading, running, ruffles, roses, Ross {yes, the store!}, rustic
  • My Savior, salvation, sleep, sisters, sweet things, sheep, Starbucks, soup
  • Tyler {my hubby}, Timothy {nephew}, trust, truth, travel, toys, tomorrow, tin, toilets {you know you were thinking it!}
  • {the} U.S.A., Umbrellas, Umbilical cords, {the} Universe that God created
  • Victory, Vietnamese coffee, violets, vacuum,
  • Witnessing, worth, water, wading, waffles, wagons, walking, warmheartedness, {being} warm, wipes, waterfalls, watermelon, waving
  • Xylophones….I don’t think I know any other words that start with “x”…
  • YHWH, Youth, yarn, years, yellow, yesterday,
  • Zoo, zebras, zeal, zig zags, zip lines, zucchini,

3 thoughts on “Blessings

  1. You are so ingenious dear Abbey with the alphabet blessings. I would have never thought of something like that! You are a blessing!

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