Photo dump

So Thanksgiving was fabulous but what else did I expect? Hubby, baby girl and I went on a road trip to Great Grandma’s house. It was so fun to get away from home and the norm. The plan was for baby girl to sleep but she did not. She screamed and yelled and cried and drinking her entire sippy cup of water was the only thing that seemed to keep her happy. But we did arrived in one piece and joined the rest of the family {8 people} at my Grandma’s three bedroom house. Baby girl loved playing with her aunties and uncles; she got to open some of her Christmas presents early {hooray for soft, squishy baby dolls that rattle}. Going for walks was a must as well as pulling out the Christmas movie favorites.  My siblings and I played Phase 10 and I, having not played for years otherwise I would have won, obviously, lost horribly.   We ate our feast on Friday since we made it all up there and of course, there was a bounteous supply. I ate a ton and it was great. Baby girl loved the turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, rolls, rolls, and rolls {just like her daddy}. Even the dog got some. :P

Monday was a rude awakening and I’m over here trying to catch up. Laundry, dishes, all that cleaning in general mixed in with being distracted by Christmas decorations and projects I want to do.

How was your Thanksgiving?


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