Life lately

I’m starting a December-photo-a-day list today.  A little late, I know but no ideas were coming! :P  Got this list from Pinterest {link below} but I’m going to change a couple of them. :)  Feel free to join in or just follow along! Photo Dec 04, 9 56 14 PMvia

Photo Dec 05, 8 13 51 AMNo Christmas cards in the mail for us, yet. :P  Photo Nov 29, 1 11 31 PMChillin’ with Uncle Joe!Photo Dec 01, 8 02 26 AMEarly morning run to Target!Photo Dec 04, 12 02 27 PMThis candle is uh-mazing! I can’t stop smelling it!!Photo Dec 03, 5 58 29 PMNew experiment: sweet potato fries. Hubby wasn’t crazy about them but baby girl and I thought they were great!!


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