Baby Girl’s Favorite Toys


We all had that favorite stuffed animal, doll, race care….in my husband’s case, airplanes. Well, Baby girl is in love with the little mouse, on the left, in the red dress. She sleeps with it, naps with it and when it’s time to get up will take it with her. Mouse takes the brunt of her anger, getting thrown around and tossed out of the crib quite a bit. Baby girl will pick her up for the sole purpose of throwing her down from highest heights.{This has no effect whatsoever on Mouse’s love for Baby girl & she remains her most loyal companion.}It’s rarely out of her grasp/sight so it’s fortunate that I even got a picture!

The piano was a birthday gift and she loves it. Every time she “plays” it she looks at me with this big grin. She dances when I play songs and sing for her {“Row, Row, Row Your Boat” and “Old McDonald”…etc}.

The stackable donuts, she unstacks, drools on and uses them as phones but hasn’t learned to re-stack yet.

The tea set, I adore! It has three settings: one for counting, one for music and one for just sounds. When you tip the teapot, it makes a pouring noise followed by, “Thank you very much!” or “More, please!” I’m convinced it’s where Baby girl picked up on saying “thank you.” The little cakes are in shapes and she will take one, put it to her mouth and make smacking noises. She just started doing the same thing with the cup. Makes me laugh like crazy watching her pretend.

The puzzle she can’t put back together but she loves to take out the pieces and carry them around. I make the animal noises and she tries to mimic. I think.

Last but not least, the other most loved animal: Teddy. This one stays with her toys but she always gives it a big “awwww!” and a hug whenever she sees him. I gotta say it’s pretty cute.

She has other toys, of course, but these are the ones she plays with the most.

Any favorite kid’s toys you want to share?

//not pictured: various postcards, church bulletins, empty makeup cases and socks that she carries around as she comes across them.


One thought on “Baby Girl’s Favorite Toys

  1. The little mouse reminds me of Angelina Ballerina. :-) My favorite toy was a baby doll that I got for Christmas when I was 6. I named her Melanie. Sweet memories with her and lots of traveling too. Lol!

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