One. Only One.

20130125-095133.jpg{found on Pinterest here}

Does anyone else feel like this when they go grocery shopping? Except the photo needs a 20 lb. baby in there too. I always contemplate taking less so it’s not so….heavy…..awkward…..arm-straining. But it’s too inconvenient to have to make two trips {I mean no one wants to go up a flight of 17 stairs, twice}. Lately baby girl has been “helping” me by holding my keys. Well today, right at the foot of the stairs she lost a shoe and dropped my keys. Somehow we made it. A neighbor passed by {as we staggered to the door} calling up, “Every time I see you, you have a huge load!”

Yeah well. Mammahood is not for the faint of heart.

{My arms are killing me} 


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