Baby girl’s Favorite Books

The last few months or so baby girl has really taken interest in books. To actually look at them, not just eat them. She has figured out how to turn pages and likes to “read” them to herself. We usually only get through one at a time with her sitting in my lap but she likes to listen as she plays. 500

Baby’s A B C was given to us at the hospital. Every letter has a baby pictured too so when she looks at the pictures she says, “baby,” throughout the whole thing.

Guess How Much I Love You was a need {for me}. My siblings had this book when they were little and it is just the most adorable story ever.

Five Little Monkeys cracks me up because every time we get to the “No more monkeys jumping on the bed,” baby girl will shake her little pointer finger at them {if she’s listening}.

I had Are You My Mother? growing up {the paper version so it fell apart}and my favorite part is “But the big thing just said, ‘Snort!‘” Still trying to get baby girl to do that. She giggles when the baby bird asks the dog and the cow if they are his mother.

The four little animal books came from Great Grandma. I don’t know where she found them but each animal pops out so you can fold it over onto each page. Baby girl likes to do that while I make animal sounds.BOOKS2

She still isn’t very nice to paper books so I have those on the bookshelf for her. Usually at bedtime I will read one or two to her.

The Story of Noah has wonderful illustrations. She likes to touch the pages.

I Love You, Daddy is so cute…..not only the words but bears are so fuzzy and cute you wanna squeeze them! Baby girl says, “Awwwww!” a lot during this one.

A friend of mine got me God’s Wonderful Plan before baby girl was born. I would read it to her when she was super little and it became her favorite book because at the end there is a pop out butterfly. When she would, sneakily, get a hold of it she would always turn to the last page to see that butterfly come out of the page. Butterfly lost an antennae but is otherwise intact.

If You Give a Pig a Pancake is falling out of it’s cover and is eaten and torn because I did let her have this one. This was before baby girl would actually look at books so she mostly waved this one around and chewed on it. She did listen to the story a few times.

These are only a few of the many, many, many I want to get her but one at a time, right?

What are your kids favorite books? What were your favorites when growing up?


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