Pinterest action

Photo Feb 05, 9 00 04 AMSo on Pinterest the other day I saw making your own lip gloss. There were no directions but how simple could it be? {usually those words get me in trouble but this time they didn’t. *whew*} Photo Feb 05, 9 15 26 AMI took a tube of lipstick that I wasn’t tremendously attached to and melted it on medium heat. I added about 2 teaspoons of Vaseline and mixed it thoroughly. I tried to keep the ratio half and half since I wasn’t sure. Photo Feb 05, 9 48 59 AMI put it in containers and let it cool. The Vaseline stayed on top so I had to re-stir it a bit.Photo Feb 05, 9 50 42 AMA not so great picture but I think this pin was a success! I might add a little more Vaseline since it’s still a bit thicker than “normal” lip gloss. But I’m looking forward to some moisture and a little color on my lips at the same time! :)


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