Will you be my valentine?

We really don’t go too crazy on Valentine’s day. I mean shouldn’t you tell the ones you love that you love them everyday versus one day out of the year? {I hope you do!}However, it’s fun to do extra little special things. This was baby girl’s second Valentine’s day but last year she was only a month old so she really didn’t care. This year we made her Daddy a Valentine….it was SO much fun! I may have had more fun than she did. She kinda wanted to keep it and not give it to Daddy but we figured it out. :) valentines

Surprise gifts from my hubby {CHOCOLATE is the best along with sweet words from my best friend}

Yummies for baby girl and myself from a my piano student {so thoughtful!}

Baby girl’s valentine to her Daddy {do you see her handprint?}

Personalized heart notes that got hidden all over the place, for hubby {because nothing says “I love you” more than finding hearts in your sock drawer and lunchbox, right?}

Going out for dinner, just us two! {a big thanks to my Dad, aka Papa, for babysitting for us!}


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