Playing with Play dough

Today, Baby girl & I made play dough. Just the normal stuff; nothing fancy. playdough2My mom let me have what was left of her food coloring but alas, it did not color. I got a sad pale, pale tint of blue and a sickly off-white instead of yellow. {Is there anything on Pinterest about making your coloring color? LOL} Baby girl had fun standing on her chair watching and amusing herself with anything she could get her hands on. playdough3 She tried to eat the dough several times but it never got fully into her mouth and she didn’t have a pleasant face afterward. I made her animals {with cookie cutters}and she smiled while squishing them. playdoughEventually she started flinging it onto the floor so we were done for the day. But it was fun! Totally makes me remember when my mom would make my sister and I play dough. We made all sorts of things!


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