Photo Mar 27, 1 42 40 PMGrocery shopping is always an adventure. I’m big on ad-matching and even coupons {if they are for things I need}. I’m probably one of those people you don’t want to get stuck behind at checkout. I do try to be super organized so it doesn’t take long. Often times, it also depends on the cashier. The other night baby girl, husband and I were at the check out line. Husband was putting the bags in the cart while baby girl said “hi” to those in line next to us. The young cashier dude started scanning really fast so I had to stop him and have him re-scan an item because it was less expensive at another store. He put in the price I told him and said, {I’m still not sure if it was meant to be sarcastic}, “You saved five cents.” To which I replied, “Hey, every little bit counts.” You should have seen the look he gave me. A whoa-this-lady-is-nuts kind of look. I think I remember giving a lame smile while trying to get through the rest of my list as quickly as possible. My husband said the guy was obviously single. Ha! :PPhoto Mar 27, 1 44 59 PM

Photo Mar 27, 1 44 25 PM

On the awesome side of things, baby boy has been kicking and moving around lots lately. I forgot how amazing it feels. But weird at the same time as you watch your stomach move. Baby girl has been working on saying different words. “Banana,” without the “b” sound is one. “Snack,” is another.  She finally started saying “Papa,” much to my dad’s delight. He’s been working on that one for awhile now. And lots of “Mmmm” sounds for her “mouse,” “milk,” and “water” {I have no idea}. Sometimes it is hard to differentiate but it’s super fun to watch her learn and grow!Photo Mar 27, 1 44 52 PM


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