Project Home // Burlap Picture Frame

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon. The porch was completely shaded and I was planning to do some painting. Four table legs belonging to a dining room table we are/have been refinishing for……..awhile (see here) were calling my name. However, as I was sitting on the floor, playing with baby girl, I noticed a couple forgotten picture frames (some really cheap ones I had bought ages ago) under the couch. Pulling them out, I decided I wanted to do something with them. After laying baby girl down for a nap, I pulled out ALL my scrapbook paper. Nothing worked. Then I remembered the burlap my sister had given me awhile back. Genius! Suddenly ideas were flooding my brain; one thing led to another and before I knew it, I was working on 4 projects at the same time (had to make a list, they kept coming)! None of these involved painting table legs, which I really, really should have been doing.First, I took off the cardboard back.frame3Use the back to measure how much burlap you need.frame2Cover with glue {I used Tacky Glue, which dries clear}.frame6Make sure the burlap is completely flat. Secure with whatever you have on hand. Paper clips worked great! frame4Wait until the burlap is completely dry before you glue the back piece to the frame.  Again I used Tacky Glue, putting it all around the edges of the frame.

So the frames themselves are complete but they are still empty.frames5This is kinda what I’m going for once I get some little clips and more glue. Hobby Lobby, here I come!idea{via}


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