Pinterest Action

Welcome to the food edition of my Pinterest inspired posts! Before we start I want to apologize for my photos and their lack of presentation. I definitely didn’t make them look lovely{mine are on the right, if you couldn’t tell}unlike the photos that inspired me. Just keeping it real, people! :Ppotatoes3{photo on the left & recipe from here//scroll down about halfway to find}

These baked potatoes were great! I moved my top oven rack up closer to the broiler and because the broiler scares me, I didn’t leave the potatoes in long enough to get all crispy looking. Next time I will leave the rack where I usually keep it and see if I can leave them in longer. As it was, I only let them broil until the cheese was melted and bubbling {about 1 minute instead of the 10-15 that the recipe suggested}.potatoes2{photo on left & recipe from here}

This potato recipe is from the wonderful Ree Drummond//Pioneer Woman and since I’m rather bias{does anything she make not taste good??}, I was convinced it would be a keeper. The only thing I did differently was bake the potatoes in the microwave instead of the 30 minutes in the oven.  We had them for dinner with a fruit salad but they would also be great with a salad or by themselves as an appetizer!   flatbread1{photo on left & recipe from here}

The flat bread I got off my mother in law’s Pinterest board and since she had success I decided to try them. I love them because they are a good in between; tortilla vs. lunch bread. They are easy to mix up and let rise but give yourself a good 30 minutes to roll them out {into perfect circles. NOT!}and cook them. Also be prepared for really wet and sticky dough. Mine haven’t fluffed enough to use as a pita pocket but I’ve used them anywhere from tacos, to toast with my eggs, to a wrap for my BBQ instead of a bun. They are super versatile and make a size nice batch {about 12 if you make them average size} so you have some for your fridge. Hopefully. 


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