Haven’t been on here much. Too busy getting ready for baby #2 to arrive! Hence a LOT of organizing and reorganizing, list making and remaking, etc. But here are my recent sewing projects!

The first was some burp clothes I made for a friend’s baby boy! I died when I saw the dinosaur fabric. These are super fun and easy to make!! I love Dana’s pattern and directions. PicMonkey Collage

Then one Saturday I got really ambitious, decided baby girl needed a new dress, taking it upon myself to make her one. From scratch. Well, almost. I used one of baby girl’s dresses as a pattern and made the top part of the dress from one of my old tank tops. That took 90% of the time and I had to re-do the neck and sleeves a few hundred times {having it stretch over her head was kinda important}. The skirt came from a dress of mine. I cut off the bottom, gathered it and attached it to the top {not having to do a hem was fantastic!}. The bottom half used 1 of the 9 hours it took me total. So much for a “quick” afternoon project! It was worth it, however. Baby girl looks super cute in it and it fits her great!!PicMonkey Collage2


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