Baby Blowouts and Pumpkin Carnage

Well, it’s been forever. And it could be forever after this. It’s hard to tell. Life is so much busier, fuller, interesting and fabulous with another little one.

Last year I loved hitting up the pumpkin patch (aka my local farmers market) and having fresh pumpkin in my freezer all fall. This year I got a big one from Walmart. Boring, but very convenient. It was my centerpiece for a week; my only autumn decoration for the moment. It took me all afternoon to cut it up, cook it, puree it and clean it up (makes a big mess). Baby boy was in his swing and slept through the whole blending process to my surprise. He didn’t even jump when I turned it on! He’s such a good baby. Eleven cups of pumpkin and one burned hand later (it’s gotta happen at least once, right?), I treated myself to Greek pumpkin yogurt. So easy, you should try it! Here’s a similar recipe. Heading to the store this week to replenish my spices for the upcoming holidays!


As for the blowout, baby boy’s been having those quite regularly. In particular there is this one super cute onesie he has never worn in public because every time I put it on him, he poops all over it. And me. Thankful the stuff comes out if clothing if I scrub it out right away. Otherwise, bright yellow stains. Not pretty. :P

Happy Weekend to everyone!


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