Chicken Fettuccine

I tend to be a creature of habit. Especially when it comes to meals. I find simple, yummy foods to make and I stick with them. After awhile I get bored and that’s where Pinterest has come in super handy to add a little variety.
Now chicken Alfredo is nothing new but this recipe called for plain Greek yogurt instead of heavy whipping cream. I was curious to see how it would taste.

kitchenI discovered it to be one of those recipes that’s a little involved. My ideal cooking is using one pan, maybe two. That way I can concentrate better and not go all crazy multitasking (which I don’t do well when I cook or bake). This one called for three pans; plus a strainer for the pasta and all the assorted utensils and measuring tools. I felt a little like a chicken with its head cut off, stirring this and that, flipping my chicken from side to side, while making sure my white sauce didn’t burn (I mostly worried about that). I realized five minutes before it was all done that I’d forgotten to steam the broccoli and the pan I needed to use was holding the pasta. Thankfully broccoli doesn’t take long to cook and that’s why you should always have a strainer.
Was it worth the hassle?

eatingOhhhhhhh yes. Yes, it was. I mean, just look at that plate full of yumminess.
Plus baby girl helped me with the dishes later so we had the mess all cleaned up in no time. When we were finished she was soaked, but doesn’t that happen to everyone?



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