I’ve been wanting to try the scones on my pumpkin list ever since I saw the recipe. Something a little different than muffins or bread. I couldn’t wait until the weekend and thought they’d be fun for breakfast so, once BabyBoy was asleep, BabyGirl and I got to work! 1You can find the full recipe here.


It was really easy to mix up and doesn’t call for many ingredients.  I was worried about rolling out the dough but other than being a little sticky {I put down quite a bit of flour…..a little too much actually} it was simple to flatten and cut.3Since I wasn’t going to bake them right away I put the individual pieces on a cookie sheet and into the freezer. Later, I put them in a Ziploc {you could also wrap them individually in plastic wrap}. In the morning I just stuck them back on a cookie sheet and baked them without thawing. They rise a bit while baking which makes them light and fluffy. They weren’t super pumpkin tasting but you can really taste the spices. Especially with the spiced glaze. They made for the perfect Saturday breakfast. Great with coffee or chai tea!



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