A Quilt for Baby Boy

I say baby boy but he isn’t really a baby anymore. How a year went by already, I’ll never know. He was just born yesterday!!!

1Baby boy loves his blankets. The swaddling ones from Aiden&Ananias are by far my most favorite. Not only are they great for newborn swaddling but as they grow, they are all around the perfect blanket to have around. They are also super big which is nice as your baby gets…sniff…bigger.


However, I wanted baby boy to have something a little heavier as the weather cooled off. Something he could snuggle with and get all cozy with…..when he’s not sleeping on top of it. :P  Call me sentimental, but I really wanted something personalized for him.


Before he was born, I was given an adorable set of receiving blankets. The bright colors and fun mix of patterns made me happy. I loved to look at them {ok, I’m weird} but didn’t open them due to having opened other blankets first etc. It is an unfortunate truth that you can only use so many blankets. Finally, almost a year later, I had a brilliant beyond brilliant idea. I would use them to make a quilt!


Baby girl had received a quilt from her grandma so I figured I could use that as a “pattern”.  For those who know me {or if you don’t you’re gonna find out} know I am not a pattern follower. Patterns stress me out. Patterns confuse me. Patterns make me extremely angry. Patterns make me want to throw things out the window. Do I have an issue? Yes, but that’s not the point of this post.


So I took those five blankets. and I “measured’ and cut squares, triangles and rectangles. A ruler and scissors didn’t work well for getting the shapes super straight. My sister saved the day {I mean this literally} by lending me her rotary cutter. Let me tell you, it was amazing! I’ll never go back to scissors again. Ever.


Along with trimming my fabric down, I also forgot about how seam allowance would make the blanket smaller. These kind of mistakes are typical with me. But since I had enough fabric left over, I remedied that issue by adding another border around my “original” design.

For the back of the quilt I searched for something soft but not too fuzzy, not too thin but not too thick. I scoured JoAnn Fabrics for the perfect thing without finding anything I loved. In another stroke of genius {it happens all the time, people} I realized I had a gray duvet cover that would be PERFECT. So I cut it up and used that!


Probably one of the hardest parts was figuring out what patterns to put together and making sure the same pattern didn’t touch on the next row! At the very end I was trying to decide which squares to zig-zag a top stitch around and I finally let my sister pick for me because my brain hurt.

complete2I have to mention that in the middle of this project, my sweet husband surprised me with my very own sewing machine {I’d been borrowing my sister’s} and it was amazing for this project!  I am really excited about how this turned out because it is pretty much, completely perfect. For me and sewing that’s a big deal.  The fact that I already had all the materials to make it, made it that much more fun.

Baby boy sleeps with his quilt every night and carries it all over the place with himself.

It makes my heart melt.


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